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Amplify Voices serves individuals historically oppressed, misunderstood or silenced, who want to use their voice as an instrument of change.

Amplify’s programming helps its speakers discover their voice, develop compelling talks focused on the triumph over adverse experiences and finally, amplify their messages to the greater community to bring about more compassion and understanding.

Speaker Circles

Through participation in safe and supportive Speaker Circles, participants discover transformation through being seen and heard, finding empowerment, healing and deeper connection with others.

Amplify aims to create three participant-focused outcomes in its Speaker Circles: a safe space, connection with others, and a platform to deliver a message that leaves the participant feeling empowered and confident.

As a result, understanding and compassion will grow in the surrounding community as more and more speakers share their compelling and positive messages.

Who We Are

Amplify Values:

  • Empowerment: We lift people up. (No one is diminished)

  • Service: We are here to make a difference for others.

  • Teamwork: We create as a team.

  • Quality: We strive to exceed expectations of the quality in all we deliver.

  • Honoring Self: We go only as far as we are “called” to go.

  • Respect: We consider others’ feelings when giving feedback.

  • Flexibility: We are nimble and adaptable to changing conditions.

  • Principles: We do what we say and follow through, living the values we set.

  • Receptive: We are open to data and feedback as a means for growth.


Deborah Shapiro

Why Amplify? “I want to find a simple way to efficiently raise the consciousness of the world.”

Amplify Voices is built on the 4+ year foundation of DEBx, a successful Speaker Training and Development Experience that has produced over 100 new leaders advocating for positive change within their respective communities. (www.DEBxTalks.com)

Executive Director.

Amanda Schneider

Why Amplify? “We need more compassion in the world. My personal and spiritual mission is to increase compassion in whatever work I do.”

Director of Programming.

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