Serving groups historically misunderstood or silenced. Empowering individuals in these communities to use their voice as an instrument of change.

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You are not alone.

Many people experience being silenced, misunderstood or oppressed. Feelings of isolation, shame or fear of judgment often result. Living in this disconnected space holds people back from living up to their true potential in life.

Tranform adversity into triumph.

At Amplify Voices, we support people in transforming these disenabling feelings into empowerment and confidence to move through adverse experiences while using their voice as an instrument of change.

- Hannah

“I feel like I just joined a sisterhood…it’s such an incredible community. I think this is the beginning of an expansion that is going to change the world one woman at a time.”

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Three steps toward transformation:

  1. We create safe Speaker Circles: virtual groups of 7 participants who work together for 30 days to discover their voices and develop compelling messages focused on the triumph they discovered living through adverse experiences.

  2. We connect people within their Circles to allow participants to be seen and heard by others, as they practice powerfully speaking their truth out loud to others.

  3. We amplify and share these messages to the greater community to increase the compassion and understanding of others.

- Marcella

“I know that this was the very best thing I’ve done in my life so far…it’s just an amazing feeling and I’m so blessed to be a part of this journey.”

Creating a tidal wave of change.

Cause a ripple effect by:

  • Joining an upcoming virtual Speaker Circle

  • Volunteering your time or talent to support Amplify

  • Financially supporting our work

And become part of a connected and positive community focused on breaking down the walls of stereotypes and labels to bring forth greater understanding and compassion in our world.

More compassion in our world.

As Amplify expands its reach, each speaker stepping forward becomes a ripple in our
growing tidal wave of voices spreading compelling and positive messages in our world.

Join us.

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