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The Network

Oral historians record hours and hours of tape with interesting people on important subjects. Podcasts need this kind of tape to create compelling narratives. Oral historians want to get their work out and make it accessible to more people. Podcasts are the perfect answer. 

This network aims to serve as a centralized location where people can go to listen to the result of projects, and also where people who have completed projects and want guidance on making a podcast can learn. 

Instead of taking our work and making it available to a small audience, this network aims to truly amplify the voices of those interviewed, so that their stories can have a much wider reach.


The Founder

Kate Brenner completed her master's in oral history at Columbia University in 2015. A voracious consumer of podcasts, she realized oral history projects were exactly the podcast content she wanted to hear, so she might as well go make some. She also knows that only one photo on this website incorporates a cat, and promises to fix that soon.